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what we do

here is what we do

  • advertisements

EndTheVape does and seeks to run ads to promote the truth and the reality of vaping. Through celebrity partnerships and other partnerships we seek to reach out to young people with this message.
  • Educate

EndTheVape seeks to educate young people by having our team of speakers, speak at school assemblies and other school programs about the dangers of vaping. By teaching and sharing this vidal information to youth at an early age we are able to curb the interest in vaping they may have at an older age.
  • legislation

EndTheVape seeks to push state and national legislatures to act against vaping companies, such as regulating and banning vaping flavors that are attractive to youth and banning vaping products from China sold to America.

OUR goal

EndTheVape's goal is to visit at least one school in every county of every state to educate youth about vaping and opioid abuse. 


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