Chinese vaping products in america

the facts you may not know about china & vaping

Chinese vaping products now dominate the international market, with over 300 million e-cigarettes shipped to consumers in the United States and Europe in 2014, the Times said. Each e-cigarette is made of components that include integrated circuit boards, heating coils, lithium ion batteries, and tube casings – all of which can contain coatings or other chemicals that could contaminate inhaled vapor.

While the new investigation found many Chinese e-cigarette makers took pains to ensure a safe product, hundreds of smaller shops cut corners. Inevitably, many of those shoddy products make their way to vaping enthusiasts in the United States, where the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has – as of now – little oversight.

Because of this it is crucial for the safety of youth that vaping products manufactured in China are banned from the United States.